What Our Patients Say

I am pleased with the whole staff! They were always pleasant and concerned. Thank you to all!

Shelly B.

(Gig Harbor – 04/19)

Everyone was very kind, caring and professional. I have only positive feedback.

Susan M.

(Jackson Hall – 04/19)

Outstanding "first face" contact with Jo! Dr. Pittier's nutrition advice was invaluable as well as her radiation therapy knowledge and care. All technicians were very competent and caring.

Linda F.

(Jackson Hall – 04/19)

When I saw Dr. Bittner prior to my treatments, he was so informative, caring and patient. He graciously answered all of my questions.

Linda H.

(Puyallup – 04/19)

Everyone was so welcoming and kind. The best care that I have received through this whole process. Very caring and kind team of individuals. Thank you so much!

Molly H.

(Jackson Hall – 04/19)

I could not have asked for any better treatment than I received from your professional staff.

John H.

(St. Joseph – 04/19)

When I was told that I would have a treatment everyday for six weeks, I was overwhelmed. But the kindness of all the staff actually made every day fly by!

Leslie W.

(Gig Harbor – 04/19)

Thank you for making this journey one filled with anticipation, not fear.

Paul G.

(Gig Harbor – 04/19)

I was treated with warmth, compassion and understanding - always with a smile. I felt cared for at all times.

Kathleen V.

(Jackson Hall – 04/19)

The staff was professional yet so caring and friendly. They were amazing!

Janis H.

(Gig Harbor – 03/19)

I was very pleased with your services, especially the greetings at the front desk.

Archelle R.

(Jackson Hall – 3/19)
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To reach a physician for urgent needs after business hours, please call (253) 272-1077. The answering service will take your call and contact the physician on call.