Gamma Knife® – Brain Surgery without a Scalpel

Gamma Knife technology utilizes cobalt radiation to treat many disorders of the brain without ever making an incision or harming brain tissue.
The Gamma Knife, which focuses 201 tiny beams of radiation on one focal point within the brain, is considered the “gold standard of care” for non-invasive treatment of many types of brain tumors (even some that were considered inoperable), vascular malformations, and neurological disorders. The typical treatment consists of a single four-hour session. Patients do not lose their hair, there is almost no pain or side effects, and most patients return to normal activity within 48 hours.
South Sound Gamma Knife, led by Dr. Michael McDonough, is the only Gamma Knife treatment facility between Seattle and Portland. To learn more about this technology and the Gamma Team, visit the South Sound Gamma Knife Web site.